The Water of Life @MNAC Bucharest


“Practicing Feminism Here and Now” was the topic of an international symposium held on the occasion of the ongoing exhibition “GOOD GIRLS – Memory, Desire, Power” at MNAC (National Museum of Contemporary Art) in Bucharest. From 27 to 28 September visual artists, activists, art historians, critics, theorists and curators gathered to discuss a spectrum of subjects and problems related to certain fields of today’s feminist practices. The participants focused on feminism issues in three sessions: “The Production of Counter-Public Spheres”, “Visibility of Individual Positions”, and Politics of “Exhibiting and Curatorial Effects”.

The Bureau of Melodramatic Research produced a live radio show for the event (part of the Pro-Life Radio project, available on 108 FM) and I was invited as a seminal expert to give my expertise on sperm as the water of life. Some of the topics that I explored included sperm retention, the origin of life and how to move further from the focus on the fetus in the pro-life discourse and into sharing life and sperm.


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